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Distant Healings

 Distant Healing is a way of receiving a treatment in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. It is conducted like a normal healing session with the difference that the therapist & client are at different locations. This is just as effective as a 'normal' treatment session, in fact it can even be more effective since the stress is taken out of the travelling and adjusting to a new location.

Healing is a natural non-invasive, holistic, complementary therapy that has been around as long as the history of man. We are all Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit and we are made of energy/vibrations and so is everything around us. Energy/vibrations can travel limitlessly (globally/universally) and there are no space or distance restrictions.  Energy travel where intention goes, this is how the distant treatment technique works and it does not matter where in the world the client is located.

It is not necessary to be ill to benefit from healing.
Healing is a great tonic, and if you are well, it will help you stay that way!
It is neither necessary to have faith or belief for healing to work.

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SuperMoon, Solar Eclipse & Spring Equinox Friday 20 March 2015

This is a powerful time with powerful energies of change, a time of restart, renewal. Its a good opportunity to anchor your intentions of inspiration, desire for positive growth and improvement that you want in your life.

Global Water Healing Days-20,21&22 March 2015

With combination of the powerful Super Moon/Solar Eclipse & Spring Equinox energies and the upcoming 
World Water Day on the 22 March 2015 global organisations have come together to organise a large healing event to assist our planet

If you wish to participate and/or for more information
– please visit: 

The organisations involved are:
The Gaiafield Project - Children of The Sun - Unify - the Shift Network - Uplift


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